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Converts to Islam

There are so many sects, cults, religions, philosophies, and movements in the world, all of which claim to be the right way or the only true path of God How can one determine which one is correct or whether, in fact, all are correct? (Dr. Bilal Philips)

What drives people to convert to Islam?

No one - Muslim or otherwise - would argue that critical thinking and reflection can be a major catalyst for changing ones life. Critical thinking has been used by many to improve their lives simply because a critical thinker Continue

Stories of people who became muslims

Alexander Russel Webb, Dr. Myra Williamson, Bruce Paterson, Cat Stevens, Cecilla Cannoly, Yusuf Estes, Le Gai Eaton, Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Erin Sumaya Fannoun, Sara Bokker, Jemima Khan, Jermaine Jackson, Kaci Continue

Hundreds of thousand of Christians converting to Islam in Europe


Why choose Islam?

Let's talk frankly. Almost never do non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure. Only after they have grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them, meaning Judaism, Continue

Muslims Are Taking Over The World at an ALARMING Rate


American women accepting Islam

My conversion began as the result of a challenge by a Muslim to read the Careen in order for us to have a debate on the position of. I held the stereo typical view of Muslim women as being oppressed and in a bad Continue

Top 10 reasons why Jesus is not God

Jesus said his task was FINISHED before any crucifixion

Why do priests convert into Islam?

Strangely enough, the word "Trinity" is not in the Bible. And it has been a concern for religious scholars as early as 200 years after Jesus was raised up by Almighty God. I would ask preachers or ministers to give me Continue

The message of false religion

There are so many sects, cults, religions, philosophies, and movements in the world, all of which claim to be the right way or the only true path of God How can one determine which one is correct or whether, in fact, all are Continue

Top bible scholar leaves Christianity


The Trinity led me to Islam

I spoke to some ministers, and several attempts were made to explain the Trinity. None of them convinced me. I continued to read the Bible, searching for the truth. Obviously I am not a scholar in the Christian religion Continue

34000 Americans have entered Islam

Libraries have run out of books on Islam and the Middle East... English translations of the Quran head the American best-seller list... The Americans are showing increasing willingness to convert to Islam since Continue

Amazing facts about the bible (P1)


Amazing facts about the bible (P2)


The concepts of God

In turn the Europeans inflicted their tri-theology on their colonies. They gave a man-God, more handsome than the “Gods” of the natives. And look how they have transformed him in pictures, sculptures and in the movies. Continue

Understanding conversion into Islam

Although conversion is a phenomenon that is completely unique to everyone, nevertheless, those who are serious about it will all undoubtedly undergo self-examination of some kind in order to embrace a new way of life and Continue

Islam - The fastest growing religion in USA

Denton also was impressed by the Islamic belief that each individual will be judged by their deeds on Judgment Day. That night, he took the shahada, the Muslim vow that says "There is only one God, Allah, and Muham Continue

A brief message to non-muslims

The purpose of this article is to invite you to think of and contemplate about the real purpose of your life on this earth and where you will end up in the Hereafter. Will you end up in Paradise or in Hell-Fire? Please, take Continue

Cat Stevens, former pop star

When I received the book (Koran), a guidance that would explain everything to me - who I was; what was the purpose of life; what was the reality and what would be the reality; and where I came from - I realized that this Continue

Sara Bokker, former actress and model

I am an American woman who was born in the midst of America’s “Heartland”. I grew up, just like any other girl, being fixated with the glamour of life in “the big city”. Eventually, I moved to Florida and on to South Continue

Huda Dodge - Accepting Islam

She took us to church sometimes, but we didn't know what was going on. People stand up, sit down, kneel, sit again, stand up, and recite things after the priest. Each pew had a booklet - a kind of `direction book' Continue

Charles Le Gai Eaton

And yet I needed to know the meaning of my own existence. Only those who, at some time in their lives, have been possessed by such a need can guess at its intensity, comparable to that of physical hunger or sexual Continue

Did Islam spread by the sword?

You do not have to be a historian like O'Leary to know that the Muslims ruled Spain for 736 years. The longest the Christians ever ruled over Muslims was 500 years in Mozambique, a territory captured from an Arab Continue

Yusuf Estes - Convert to Islam

Many people ask me how a preacher or priest in Christianity can ever go to Islam, especially considering all the negative things that we hear about Islam and Muslims everyday. Some people are simply curious, while Continue

Charles Le Gai Eaton

I was born in Switzerland of British parents, a child of war.  At the time of my birth, the final peace treaty ending the first world war, the treaty with Turkey, was being signed close by in Lausanne.  The greatest tempest Continue

Videos of people who converted to Islam